Prof. Fahmy El-Khouly
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Dr. Hatem Abd Elaziz Elagamy
PhD in mathematics
Dr. Mai Fakhry
Ph.D. degree in Interior architecture
Dr. Mohammed Ibrahiem
Doctor of Philosophy in Science
Dr. Abdelhameed Zayed
Doctor of Philosophy in Science
Dr. Sherif Mohamed
Doctor of Philosophy in Science
Dr. Aladdin El Said Hassanein
PhD in organic chemistry
Dr. Nasreddin Mahmoud
PhD in Science
Dr. Reham Hamed
M.Sc. Degree in Physics/Biophysics
Dr. Marwa Elmahalawy
Assistant lecturer
Dr. Omnia Reda
- Doctor of philosophy registration
Dr. Basma Talkhawy
Assistant lecturer
Dr. Aya Mohsen
Dr. Aya Abdeen
Math Teacher
Dr. Aya Gamal
Math Teacher
Dr. Rania Elshoura
Math Teacher
Dr. Mohamed Khaled
Math Teacher
Dr. Mohamed Saif
Math Teacher
Dr. Mohammed Abdelhady
Math Teacher
Soad sakr
Master's degree in physicsath
Jonathan Bean
Math Teacher
DR. Ibrahim Eldesouky
• Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Systems Management
Ph.D., Department of Mechanical Power Engineering
Prof . Emad Saad
Associate Professor-Mechanical Power Engineering
Muhammad Salem
Master Degree in renewable energy resources