About the department:

The Department of Basic Sciences is considered a supportive and fundamental part of the institute’s departments, and its primary importance lies in providing students with the quality of scientific and linguistic knowledge that they gain from basic science courses:

 (Mathematics – Phys – Engineering Mechanics – Engineering Chemistry) who are competent and highly professional in their various specializations, compatible with the programs and plans of the institute, but it is a performance to raise the level of understanding and comprehension of students in their various specializations to the level that is equivalent to the international level.

Scientific fields:


an introduction

Mathematics is the language of modern science, engineering, technology, and finance, and an art form is a tool of immense power. It is a language that is both beautiful and wonderful in its own right.

Mathematics is an essential component of a wide range of human activities. Its role has been in the physical sciences and traditional engineering for more than two centuries. In the field of social and biological sciences it plays an increasingly important role in modeling complex and large-scale phenomena, and is an essential tool for computer science as well as technology.


That the mathematics department be scientifically distinguished in its outputs at the local and regional levels

The message:

The Department of Mathematics works to prepare qualified cadres to work through a distinguished educational and research environment

Objectives  :

  •   Preparing qualified cadres to contribute to the comprehensive development service that Egypt is witnessing in the various engineering fields.

Providing students with the scientific aspects and the linguistic and behavioral knowledge they need to become competent and highly professional engineers in their various engineering specializations and in line with the general policy of the Higher Future Institute of Engineering and Technology in Mansoura.

  •  Achieving diversity in teaching and research activities.



Achieving a world-class level of chemical education and training for students of the institute to meet the requirements of the local and international labor market.

The message:

Providing scientific information and skills that qualify the market and providing a research environment that encourages innovative research and community participation that contribute to economic growth to keep pace with the requirements of the times and the rapid developments.


  • Preparing students to acquire skills to achieve their personal academic potential by creating an environment that provides each student with an opportunity to develop a high degree of skill in thinking mechanisms, critical thinking, analytical problem-solving, and effective communication skills to help them in their engineering specializations.
  • Achieving continuous interaction between faculty and students.
  •  Promote independent thought and the exchange of collective ideas.
  •  The use of modern educational technology in the lecture and the laboratory.


an introduction

Physics is one of the broadest human sciences, the deepest and the most closely related to nature, and it has accompanied human thinking since ancient civilizations, where thinkers tried to explain the natural phenomena observed and try to find out their causes and laws.

The definition of physics has varied from the Greeks to the modern era, but it is generally related to natural phenomena and the rational interpretation of the physical universe. The subject of physics overlaps with almost all sciences, especially modern physics, and its methodology has entered into reasoning in all disciplines, including civil engineering, which was greatly influenced in the nineteenth century by the development of physics, and currently mechanics (for rigid bodies and fluids) and resistance to materials are taught.

Also, physical culture has spread and interfered with the language of culture and science today, until it reached popular culture and entered many disciplines.

As the sciences developed, they overlapped with each other, so it became impossible to isolate one of the disciplines from others. Rather, it is said in the scientific tradition that the most beneficial inventions arose from the overlapping of disciplines with each other [1].

The concept of the city and (civil) has expanded to what is broader than the urban structures, so it is constantly studying environmental pollution, seismic activity, weather, human activities, and even social aspects.

Vision :

The Department of Basic Physical Sciences aspires for leadership and excellence locally and internationally in the fields of education, scientific research and community service through university values.

The message :

Qualifying students for the college’s educational programs with advanced courses in basic sciences and cooperating with college departments in the field of scientific research to contribute to solving community problems

Objectives :

Work to achieve the vision and mission of the institute through:

  • Providing teaching services in the fields of basic physical sciences for students.


  • Raising the level of technicians in the department’s laboratories and workshops to support educational effectiveness.


  • Effective contribution to the development of basic physical sciences courses to keep pace with modern technology and meet the needs of the programs and the labor market.


  • Emphasis on continuing to apply the highest standards in evaluating students to measure learning outcomes for basic physical sciences courses to assist them in their engineering specializations.


  •  Ensure that the objectives and outcomes of the courses are consistent with the goals and outputs of the programs.




Asst. Lecture

  • DR – nasr mahmoud
  • DR – hatem elagamy
  • DR -alaa hassanien
  • DR – sherif mohamed
  • DR – mohammed elborhami
  • Prof – tawakl enab
  • Prof – labib mohamed
  • DR – abdelmotaleb sharkawy
  • DR – Reda abdo
  • EN-souad hasanin
  • EN-iman eldamrawi
  • EN-aya gamal
  • MS-rania elshoura
  • EN-nebal sad
  • EN-heba mohammed
  • EN-sherin elboz