The Mechanical Engineering Department is considered one of the most important departments within the Future Institute, as it is the only institute in the Delta that includes a mechanical engineering department.

A cooperation protocol was signed between the Future Higher Institute and the College of Engineering – Mansoura University in the field of exchanging experiences and practical training for students

The department has the distinction of combining mechanical strength engineering, production engineering and mechanical design, so it is a broad field of study that deals with most of the physical matters and materials that can be used mechanically in all respects, which qualifies the institute’s graduate to work in various fields and many specialties

Fields of work for mechanical engineering graduates

Petroleum companies because the mechanical engineering graduates have an active and major role in the petroleum sites, drilling and exploration operations

Design and repair of automobile engines, modern machines, turbines and hydraulic fields

Building and construction companies, no company is devoid of the role of a mechanical engineer, as all machinery and equipment used is responsible for its maintenance and operation as a mechanical engineer

Control and electronics operations, as the department’s graduate studies electronics and control courses during the study years, and mechatronics engineering is one of the branches of the mechanical engineering department

Electricity companies, new power stations, and maintenance of old stations

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