The Department of Architectural Engineering is the department that specializes in building and reconstruction engineering, starting from designing buildings and units projects of all kinds until it reaches the planning of neighborhoods and whole cities through its various academic specializations, which also represent multiple areas to join the labor market as follows

Vision of Department

Future academy architectural department is seeking to represent an efficiency in its educational program, continuously developing the scientific performance of the student and evolving its staff teaching techniques based on a merging process between inside academic syllabus and outside practical life to efficiently deliver a graduated architect ready to fulfill both fields.

The Department Objectives

  • Introduce a clear purposed educational program ready to convoy current requirements and future expectations.

  • Connect each grade of architecture engineering with the following year to deliver architecture as continuously circulated science, as a part of our educational program aims.

  • Merge academic science with outside practical life through providing electronic learning, living lab workshops, field trips and activating cultural knowledge through continuous theoretical lectures and sessions.

  • Develop first, individual performance, second, groups team work to enable the student to has not only good innovative ideas for his own design projects but also to has a solid point of view to critic, analyze and evolve current existed architecture.

  • Adopt “Environment” as a part and parcel of universal architectural future, through making it a key factor in any introduced design program for our undergraduate student`s architectural or planning projects.


Mission of Department

  • Fulfill the annual planned educational objectives of the department: through periodic assessment process for its aims. Concluding the most important privileges to induce and the most obvious obstacles to reduce.

  • – Activate new aims according to the world`s needs and expectations: each year we will try to elevate the standards of the department so that it can be continuously convoyed with every day`s educational evolution.

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