About the department
The department aims at graduating engineers in the field of civil engineering and preparing scientific cadres from graduates who are able to understand the challenges posed by development projects and deal with them, in terms of design and implementation of all development projects that contribute to the development and progress of society. The Civil Engineering Department works to prepare engineers familiar with modern technology in The field of specialization, which is witnessing a continuous development in the scientific and applied terms, is equipped with the foundations of basic and applied sciences in accordance with international standards and the requirements of civil projects to meet the needs of the local and international labor market.


The vision of the Department of Civil Engineering is to provide the highest possible quality in higher education, scientific and applied research in line with
With quality. And attention to the developments required by the civil section by using innovative, interactive methods to serve the local community as well as the international community.
The Future Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology aims to provide students with a multidisciplinary curriculum as well as flexible and able to provide the community with graduates who are fully familiar with the technology and design of civil engineering systems and also possess the skill to effectively present and communicate and have the ability to conduct scientific research and thus we work to qualify them to work in industry, government and circles. Academy and also international.


The Department of Civil Engineering of the Future Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology aims to graduate successful and highly qualified civil engineers who are also qualified to practice the profession and reach international educational quality standards.


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