Word of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

For years I have dreamed of a unique scientific edifice that aims to advance the scientific and ethical level across future generations and carries under its umbrella Egyptian arms of the highest degrees of scientific and professional competence, seeking to build generations capable of confronting the difficulties and challenges of the labor market, and my belief in the value of science and its role in building nations and advancing With societies, I have devoted my full efforts to building and developing this scientific edifice in line with the development policy that we pursue and the new services that we provide, and we are determined to achieve the utmost satisfaction for our children and to strengthen the bonds of relationship with our children, our employees and society as a whole.
I also believe in the importance of constructive positive interaction with the era of communication and information, and we support the achievement of scientific and humanitarian cooperation between us and universities and scientific centers at home and abroad for a better future for our country, Egypt and for all of humanity, and I wish God to perpetuate excellence for us and crown our efforts with lasting success. I know that God does not waste a reward from Best job.

Major General
Dr. / Abdel Hamid AlShoura

Chairman of the Institute’s Board of Directors

Professor and Head of Economics Department, Police College

A word from the Dean of the Institute

I am pleased and honored to welcome you to the website of the Future Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology in Mansoura, which was established by Ministerial Resolution No. 3828 dated 08-15-2017 to be a new addition to the engineering education system in Egypt with the aim of graduating an engineer capable of creativity and distinction and keeping pace with the labor market and the administration has been keen from the first day From the beginning of work at the institute to provide distinguished educational services to its students, as it is taught by an excellent and specialized group of professors in the Faculties of Engineering at Mansoura University and the prestigious Egyptian universities, and the institute has a distinguished elite of teaching assistants from the graduates of Mansoura, Cairo and Tanta universities, and we also support and encourage our students to The exercise of student sports, artistic and cultural activities, in addition to an ambitious plan that will be implemented during the next stage ,,, The institute includes three specialized engineering departments, which are the mechanical engineering department, the civil engineering department and the architecture department Therefore, we pay great attention to refining the practical aspect of our students through holding training workshops and cooperating with the relevant competent authorities. Perhaps one of the best features of the Future Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology in Mansoura is that it is the only institute in the Delta region that includes a mechanical engineering department among its departments. Students success

Prof. Dr.
Fahmy El-Khouly


Striving to provide advanced and distinguished educational services and gain community confidence in graduates at the local, regional and global levels, and confirm the institute’s leadership in the advancement and development of society and the environment.


Preparing a distinguished graduate capable of analysis, creativity and innovation to keep pace with the development in technological fields in line with the needs of the local, regional and international market, the development of human resources, interest in scientific research, effective participation in the development of society and the environment, and the contribution to solving community problems while adhering to quality standards and high moral and human values.