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About Us

The Future Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology was established in Mansoura by Ministerial Resolution No. 3828 dated 7/15/2017 and the institute aims to graduate generations of engineers who are capable of creativity and distinction in various engineering fields to keep pace with the development in technological fields in line with the needs of the local and international market, and the institute includes three departments, which are Department of Mechanical, Architectural and Civil Engineering. One of the most important distinctions of the institute is that it is the only one in the Delta region to have a mechanical engineering department.


Why Choose us


We are one of the best institutes in Egypt that provide their students with best education with all the activities they need to reach their goals.

Our Mission


Preparing a distinguished graduate capable of analysis, creativity and innovation to keep pace with the development in technological fields in line with the needs of the local, regional and international market, the development of human resources.

Our Visions


Striving to provide advanced and distinguished educational services and gain community confidence in graduates at the local, regional and global levels, and confirm the institute’s leadership in the advancement and development of society and the environment.
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Global Teachers
Dr. Fahmy El-khouly
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Dr. Mai Fakhry
Ph.D. degree in Interior architecture
Dr. Sherif Mohamed
Doctor of Philosophy in Science
Emad Saad-Fayoum University
Associate Professor, and Head of Mechanical Engineering Dept

What Students Say



Institute activities

  • The institute organized a series of seminars in the scientific, cultural, artistic and applied fields.
  • A symposium entitled (The Role of the Engineers Syndicate in Developing the Capabilities of Graduates of Engineering Institutes and Faculties). This seminar was sponsored by Mr. Engineer / Adel Al-Ghazali, head of the Engineers Syndicate in Dakahlia.
  • The institute organized many sports activities to motivate our students on the importance of sports, as it organized a bicycle marathon in order to develop awareness among students and provide a simple solution to overcome the traffic problem in Dakahlia.
  • The institute organized a car maintenance workshop to link the theoretical side with the practical side, to introduce students to a large number of car parts and contents.
  • The institute organized a meeting for a team called (Team Breaking) at the Mechanics Department of the Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University, which won a number of awards from international competitions.
  • The institute has participated in several sports competitions and many other sports. The administration of the institute confirms that there is an ambitious plan of various fields and activities that will be implemented during the next phase.
  • The institute organized the first introductory ceremony for new students (preparatory class – 2018), in the presence of the chairman of the board of directors, the dean of the institute, faculty members and the assisting body.
  • The institute organized many trips for the different departments, including those with a complete entertainment and social goal, and some that combine entertainment and the scientific aspect.