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The Future Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology was established in Mansoura by Ministerial Resolution No. 3828 of 07/15/2017. The institute aims to graduate generations of engineers who are able to innovate and excel in various engineering fields to keep pace with the development in technological fields in line with the needs of the available local market, and the institute includes three departments It is the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Architecture and Architecture. One of the most important points of distinction is the only institute in the Delta region that includes the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

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The Teacher/Tutor is responsible for verifying the learning progress of the students, both through the tutorials and the meetings in the Virtual Classroom, during which the teacher/tutor asks the students questions about the topics addressed in the videolessons, thus verifying understanding and mastery of the topics to be learned by each student and reporting the assessments in the qualitative assessment sheet of each student.

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